The D’Angelo Law Library


Law is the system of rules that govern the conduct of people in a society. It aims to protect citizens from abuses of power and settle disputes. It also aims to provide rules that are simple enough for the average person to understand and apply to everyday situations.

A law is a set of rules that governs the behavior of an individual or group within a given social, economic, and political setting. It can be an international law, a state or national law, or even an administrative law.

The Law Library has books, articles and other materials on all areas of law and legal issues. You can search for them by using NUsearch limits or by browsing the stacks.

Treatises and Legal Encyclopedias

There are a number of treatises on most areas of law and legal issues. These books discuss a particular area of law with references to primary sources. They are useful resources for students new to a subject.

You can find these books by searching the D’Angelo Law Library Treatises page. You can also use NUsearch to limit your search by date, library, or topic.

Journals, Periodicals and Magazines

The D’Angelo Law Library has a large collection of periodicals on a variety of legal subjects. These include law reviews, scholarly journals, law and policy journals and academic magazines.

These journals, mainly from the United States and Canada, are published by universities or organizations with strong legal editorial staffs. They often feature case and expert analysis, as well as legal news reports.

West Reporters

The West Group has several series of reporters that are organized by legal topic and contain citations to cases, statutes and regulations from both federal and state jurisdictions. These reporter sets are divided into regional reporters (New York Supplement, California Reporter and others).

Words and Phrases

This multi-volume set contains a selection of legal terms in an alphabetical sequence with cross references. It also features a discussion of their origins, and a discussion of relevant statutes and regulations from both federal and state sources.

Legal Dictionary & Thesaurus

This legal lexicon includes key words and phrases, along with definitions, in an easy-to-use format that is accessible to both lawyers and non-lawyers alike. The dictionary also has an extensive search engine, allowing you to locate the meaning of a word or phrase.

Law Review Articles

A law review article is a type of paper that discusses a law issue and presents its findings in a clear and concise manner. It typically consists of a summary of the main arguments and points, an evaluation of the merits and weaknesses of the law in question, and a general commentary on the law.

These papers are used by practicing attorneys and law students for research, to prepare for interviews, and as part of legal writing courses. They are also popular in classrooms and in legal internships, where law students can practice their research skills and written communication skills.

Law is a complex field and requires special training. It is considered to be one of the most difficult and challenging fields in the world. It is highly competitive and you must have a bachelor’s degree and pass the Law School Admission Test to enter a law school.