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Daily News

Daily News is the first tabloid newspaper in the United States. It was founded in 1919 and is currently owned by Tronc, the publishing operations of Tribune Company. The New York City newspaper has a long history of scandalous and sensational coverage, including lurid photos and cartoons, and is noted for its investigative reporting. It is also known for its editorial writing, especially in its opinion pages. It is a moderate to liberal newspaper, often contrasted with the more conservative New York Post.

The newspaper is distributed in New York City and its surrounding areas, as well as parts of Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. It is also available online.

It features local, national and international stories that appeal to a wide audience. Its staff includes award-winning writers, columnists and opinion formers. The paper focuses on New York City, politics and the latest in sports, gossip and entertainment. It is a leading authority on the Yankees, Mets and Giants.

Each article in Daily News includes comprehension and critical thinking questions. In addition, the “Background” and “Resources” sections of each article provide additional information that can help students better understand the news story.

The Daily News is available in print, online and on mobile devices. Its online version is one of the most read newspaper sites in the world. The website provides a simple user interface and is designed to offer an enhanced digital reading experience. The online edition allows users to access the entire newspaper, as well as interactive features.

This resource is available through the Yale Library website and features over 140 years of The Daily News. It is a fully searchable archive, and each issue can be downloaded in PDF format. The Daily News Historical Archive is accessible for free to the general public.

It is a great tool to use in the classroom because it provides students with a wide variety of interesting and informative content. This resource also allows teachers to easily tailor their lessons according to the interests of their students.

In addition to breaking news, Daily News also offers a wide variety of feature articles and multimedia content, including videos, photo galleries and podcasts. Educators can use this resource to supplement a variety of subject matter in their classes, from current events to social studies and history. Students can also comment on the news, which can facilitate discussion and enhance learning. Moreover, the site is easy to navigate and provides quick links to other sources of information. It is also possible to download the Daily News for offline reading, which can be useful in the classroom. This app is available for both Android and iOS devices. It is recommended to sign up for a free trial before purchasing a subscription. In addition, the subscription price is very reasonable for a quality news source. The website also allows you to share the news with friends via email. This is a great way to promote literacy in the classroom and keep students engaged with current events and global issues.