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Daily News

Founded in 1919, the New York Daily News was the first tabloid newspaper published in the United States. It is now part of tronc, and was the ninth most-widely circulated daily newspaper in the United States at the end of 2018. Its editorial content includes political news and commentary, sports news and commentaries, celebrity gossip and interviews, classified ads, a comics section, and an opinion page. The Daily News also includes large and prominent photographs, intense city news coverage, and an array of other entertainment features.

In addition to the newspaper, the News publishes numerous websites, TV and radio programs. Its television station, WPIX, traces its name to the newspaper and is located within the News building in downtown Manhattan. Its radio stations include AM 1170, an urban talk format, and WFAN-FM, a simulcast of its AM namesake that is owned by CBS Radio.

Its newspaper is a major source of information about the City of New York and its politics, with many stories that focus on city government, city-wide issues and the inner workings of city hall. Its staff includes award-winning writers, columnists and editors. The News also covers local and national sports, and offers extensive coverage of New York’s Yankees, Mets and Giants.

The News has also a history of investigative journalism. In the 1920s it covered political wrongdoing, such as the Teapot Dome scandal and social intrigue, such as Wallis Simpson’s romance with King Edward VIII that led to his abdication. The News was also a pioneer of photography, using its own camera crews to cover news events and becoming an early user of the AP wirephoto service.

Despite its reputation as a tabloid, the Daily News has always emphasized its journalistic integrity. It has been at the forefront of social change, with a long history of breaking stories about civil rights, women’s issues and other hot-button topics. It has been a major force in shaping public debate and influencing policy, especially in the area of immigration.

The Daily News receives an AllSides Media Bias rating of Left, which indicates that the news organization leans toward a liberal bias. This is in contrast to the conservative bias of its rival, The New York Post. The Daily News has also received a high number of AllSides Reader Feedback points, indicating that readers give the paper high marks for credibility and analysis. These ratings are based on a survey of over 48,000 U.S. adults conducted by Ad Fontes Media in Spring of 2019. The New York Daily News has been a member of the American Press Association since 1888. Its founder, Joseph Medill Patterson, is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. The News has won several awards from the Pulitzer Prize board. It has been called the “paper of record” for the City of New York. The News has been an important part of the cultural fabric of the City for nearly a century.